PATERSON, NJ (October 24, 2009) – Sholeh Janati’s installation “Permanent War” was showcased at the FABRIKA 2 group art exhibition in Paterson, New Jersey’s historic district from October-November 2009



The installation was part of a series of dramatic artworks featured in an abandoned textile factory across from the waterfalls in Overlook Park in Paterson which co-produced by the Nutro Group and the Great Falls Performing Arts Center of Paterson NJ.


Sholeh’s installation focused on the reality of “permanent war” around the globe, and its impact on humanity. She described her installation as such:

“The installation depicts how every one of our lives is affected by ‘permanent war’ in the world. Despite our opinions, war continues to enrich all the industries that feed from it, while depleting humankind of its vitality.”


Sholeh said, “The centerpiece of the installation is an iconic Barbie doll holding a machine gun, as a representation of mainstreaming the ugliness of war with iconography. Balled up newspapers represent the unworthiness of the news media as a source of truth during wartime. There are combat soldiers in full military regalia, symbolizing the strength of military force and the relative weakness of civilization.


“Additionally, there are actual anti-war, love and peace slogans written on the wall and strewn about the floor, as if disregarded by those who promote war. A section of the installation is a space allowing individual viewers to express their emotions on the topic and interact with the exhibit.”


Other NUTRO artists with installations at Fabrika2 included Emil Silberman, Mikhail Gubin, Aleksandr Razin, Dmitry Krasny, and Emil Lansky.